The Buzz about Bees

Bees and Beekeeping in the Urban Environment

The Classroom Learning Centers 

                                                                              Studying live bees in the observation hive. Can you find the queen.


                                                                                                            the reading table


                                                                               Assembling a miniature beehive at the hands-on table


I will set up three  learning centers in the classroom. The first is an observation hive with plexiglass windows where students can watch live bees up close making honey and rearing their young. The hive is completely escape-proof. Another center provides  an extensive library of books about bees and beekeeping.In a third learning center I present tools, equipment, and a miniature beehive as well as my bee suit and bee costuming for younger children.

There is also a PowerPoint presentation about bees, honey, pollination, and the plight of the vanishing bees followed by a Q&A session.     

Available mid-April through June and for a special Rosh Hashanah program in September 

A Bibliography of Children's Books