A Bibliography

Of Children’s Books

About Bees and Beekeeping

**The Honey Bee Man   Lela Nargi and Kyrsten Brooker

Are You a Bee?, Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries 0-7534-5345-2

**The Beautiful Bee Book, Sue Unstead 0-7696-4428-7

The Bee, Friend of the Flowers 0-88106-430-0

**The Beeman, Laurie Krebs 0-7922-7224-2

Busy Buzzy Bee, Karen Wallace 0-7894-4758-4

The Fascinating World of Bees, Angels Julivert 0-8120-4720-6

From Blossom to Honey, Ali Mitgutsch 0-87614-146-7

Honey, Pam Robson 0-516-26220-3

Honey in a Hive, Ann Rockwell ISBN-13 978-0-06-445204-5; ISBN-10 0-06-445204-2

The Honey Makers, Gail Gibbons 0-688-17531-7

The Honeybee and the Robber, Eric Carle 0-399-23731-3

**Honeybee’s Busy Day, Richard Fowler 0-15-2000055-0
Honeybees, Emily Neye 0-307-26217-0

Honeybees, Joyce Milton 0-448-42846-6

Hooray for Beekeeping!, Bobbie Kalman 0-865-05—668-4

How do Bees Make Honey, Anna Claybourne 0-7460-1765-0

Las Abejas de Miel Producen la Miel, Ruth Haag 0-971-0260-2-5

The Life and Times of the Honeybee, Charles Micucci 0-395-86139-X

**The Magic School Bus:  Inside a Beehive,  Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen  0-590-25721-8

**highly recommended